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Electrical Wiring Interconnection System / Enhanced Zonal Analysis Procedure

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EWIS stands for Electrical Wiring Interconnection System. It refers to the complex network of wiring, connectors, and associated components that are responsible for transmitting electrical power and signals throughout an aircraft. The EWIS encompasses various wiring systems, including power distribution, avionics, lighting, communication, and control systems.
EZAP is designed to permit appropriate attention to be given to electrical wiring installations. This is achieved by providing a means to identify applicable and effective tasks to minimise accumulation of combustible materials and address wiring installation discrepancies that may not otherwise be reliably detected by inspections contained in existing maintenance programmes.
AMC 20-22 Aeroplane Electrical Wiring Interconnection System Training Programme is derived from the best practices training developed through extensive research. This AMC is an effort by the Agency to officially endorse these best practices and to dispense this information industry-wide so that the benefits of this information can be effectively realised. Following this results in a training programme that is improving the awareness and skill level of the aviation personnel in EWIS production, modification, maintenance, inspection, alterations, and repair.
EWIS training is typically designed for specific target groups involved in aircraft maintenance and related activities. The following are the target groups for EWIS training:

  • Target Group 1: Qualified staff performing EWIS maintenance
  • Target Group 2: Qualified staff performing maintenance inspections on EWIS
  • Target Group 3: Qualified staff performing electrical/avionic engineering on in-service aeroplane.
  • Target Group 4: Qualified staff performing general maintenance/inspections not involving wire maintenance (LRU change is not considered wire maintenance)
  • Target Group 5: Qualified staff performing other engineering or planning work on in-service aeroplane.
  • Target Group 6: Other service staff with duties in proximity to electrical wiring interconnection systems
  • Target Group 7: Flight Deck Crew
  • Target Group 8: Cabin Crew

EWIS/EZAP Continuation

Continuation Training


Initial Training

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