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ETOPS: Continuation Training

ETOPS: Continuation Training


ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards) is a set of regulations that govern the operation of twin-engine aircraft on extended overwater or remote routes. While ETOPS primarily affects flight operations and dispatch, aircraft maintenance also plays a crucial role in supporting ETOPS operations.

AMC 20-6 Extended Range Operation with Two-Engine Aeroplanes ETOPS states an acceptable means but not the only means for obtaining approval for two-engine aeroplanes to operate over a route that contains a point further than one hour flying time at the approved one-engine inoperative cruise speed (under standard conditions in still air) from an adequate aerodrome.

Also, by implementing a robust maintenance program tailored to the unique requirements of ETOPS, operators can ensure the reliability and airworthiness of twin-engine aircraft during extended overwater or remote operations. The program should provide clear guidance, support specialized training, and facilitate effective communication to enable maintenance personnel to fulfil their responsibilities and maintain the required level of reliability for ETOPS operation.

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