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ATR 72: Refresher / Gen Fam

ATR 72: Refresher / Gen Fam


ATR 72 – 100/200 (PWC PW120) a 40-hour self-study Refresher/Gen Fam online course is a comprehensive training course designed to provide a thorough technical refresher on the ATR72 aircraft equipped with PWC PW120 engine. The course aims to meet ATA 104 Specification Level 1 and 2 standards, ensuring a minimum level of proficiency in aircraft systems knowledge.
The training course focuses on both mechanical and avionics systems of the ATR72 aircraft, providing a thorough understanding of the various systems and their operation. This includes a review of the PWC PW120 engine, as well as other critical components and subsystems of the aircraft.
By covering all aircraft systems, the course aims to ensure that participants have a minimum understanding of the ATR72 and can effectively use this knowledge to maintain the aircraft in accordance with industry standards and regulations.

Once you proceed with purchasing this training, a self-study material including the open book exam will be sent you. Completed exam must be sent back to us at the following email address: info@aviationlearning.net
Upon successful completion of this course a Certificate Of Compliance will be issued to the email address you provided during the purchasing process.

For Company purchases additional discount is available. Please reach out directly to us for further information at the following email address: info@aviationlearning.net