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AviationLearning Credits

AviationLearning Credits

Purchasing AviationLearning Credits for your company allows you to easily manage all your employees training needs. Once you buy AviationLearning Credits we will generate Coupon Codes for trainings that you require, which you can then pass on to your employee. Note also that our courses have lower prices for company purchases.

Enter any amount of credits you would like to purchase and proceed to the checkout page and choose your payment method. Upon a completed transaction an invoice will be generated and available for you to download on the Orders page.

To check the balance of your remaining credits, please reach out to us at the following email address: info@aviationlearning.net

To use your credits, you should email us with a list of trainings you require and we will generate coupon codes for these trainings, which can only be used once. Your employee can then visit our website and complete a free order using the Coupon Code. Company pricing will be deducted from your AviationLearning Credits balance.

1 credit = 1 pound sterling