EASA.147.0155 | UK.147.0149 | FAA.F8ER232Y | EASA.145.5514

EWIS/EZAP: Initial Training

EWIS/EZAP: Initial Training


EWIS Initial Training is designed to provide maintenance personnel with the necessary knowledge and skills to understand and work with the Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) in aircraft. This training is mandatory for individuals involved in the maintenance, inspection, and repair of aircraft wiring systems.

EWIS Initial Training covers a range of topics related to aircraft electrical systems and wiring. The training program typically includes information on electrical theory, wiring installation practices, wire types and identification, wire routing and clamping, connector installation, electrical bonding and grounding, electrical protection devices, and inspection and maintenance procedures specific to EWIS.

Practical Training: Along with theoretical knowledge, EWIS Initial Training often includes practical exercises and demonstrations to enhance the understanding and application of the training content. This may involve hands-on activities, such as wire splicing, connector termination, troubleshooting exercises, and simulated inspections of wiring systems. Aviation Learning only provides theoretical elements of the training, so please refer to your Part 145 organisation for providing practical training.

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